Twitter flooded with racist smears, ‘Uncle Tom’ attacks after Sen. Tim Scott delivers RNC speech

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GOP Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) closed out the first night of the Republican National Convention Monday night with a
rousing and hopeful speech about how, in America, anyone has the opportunity to succeed if they work hard and how his family went from “cotton to Congress in one lifetime.”

The speech drew high praise from many for its fresh reminder of the promise of the American dream.

But unfortunately, in what is becoming a regular occurrence when Scott speaks, countless users online also flooded Twitter with racist smears and “Uncle Tom” attacks against the black senator.

Here is just a small portion:

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One elected Democratic official, Rep. Steve Cohen (Tenn.), even liked a tweet that said Scott “might as well be white” given what his message is.

And then there were many more:

Sadly, these types of attacks against Scott are nothing new.

Earlier this year, Scott
called out the racists on Twitter for heaving racial slurs at him after he was tapped to lead the Republican police reform legislation effort following the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers in late May.

In the hours after the announcement was made that he would lead the effort, Twitter users had allegedly referred to Scott as “token,” “boy,” and argued that he was “being used.” He would later
show some of the hate-filled messages to GOP colleagues at a private lunch.


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