Vandal burns Montana family’s Trump flags on their lawn, with their 4 kids sleeping inside just feet away

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A family in Montana says that a man nearly set their home on fire with their four children sleeping inside when he burned their Trump 2020 flags.

Julia O’Rourke and Robert O’Rourke told MTN News that they had hung up the two large Trump 2020 flags on the same night they were vandalized.

“It’s insane!” said Julia while surrounded by her four young children.

“It could burn our house down!” said one of her children.

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The family says they awoke the next day to find ashes in a mound outside their home on the grass. When they checked their surveillance video, they saw the recording of a man ripping down their flags and lighting them on fire.

“It was only about 20 feet from our front porch,” said Julia. “None of us knew! We woke up to a charred pile of flag in our yard, and had no idea.”

The video showed a man staggering away after lighting the flags on fire.

“I felt violated,” said Julia. “I felt that my kids and my life and my husbands life were in danger. It could have easily burned my house down. There was a fire burn and as close as it was to the house, it was very eerie.”

Police cited a man identified as Eric Herrera with misdemeanor criminal mischief over the incident.

“Our house was built in 1907, it’s old. It’s never been redone, it could have went up so fast, and we never would have known,” Julia added.

The Montana Republican Party took notice of the story and posted it to their official social media account.

“This Montana family had their #Trump2020 flags burned in their yard as their children slept,” they tweeted.

“The liberal mob isn’t just in cities across the country, it’s right here in Montana and it’s threatening the safety of freedom-loving Montanans,” they concluded.

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