WATCH: Biden Supporters Accuse Presidential Candidate Kanye West Of ‘Voter Suppression’ (VIDEO)


After Kanye West tweeted a photo encouraging voters to write him in for president, he was accused of stealing votes that Biden is supposedly entitled to.

One critic claimed that a ‘vote for Kanye is a vote for Trump’ while another critic said that Kanye’s become a ‘sad joke.’

Kanye’s campaign has been trying to coordinate a live interview on the popular Joe Rogan podcast.

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Joe Rogan stated about Kanye, “I think you know, how like you have something that’s supposed to take like eight volts, you know, like a charger. Supposed to take like eight volts. Well, like, when you plug something in the wall, like we have alternating current, like you can have something that takes way more amperage. I think Kanye has the wrong plug to the universe.”

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Rogan continued, “And in a good way. What that motherf**ker’s getting like 100 volts all the time. So he wants to do-. You ever talk to him?”

Andrew Schultz, a comedian who was on an MTV show ‘Guy Code,’ responded, “No.”

Rogan continued, “I talked to him on the phone and there was a stream of consciousness that was so intense. I was like, OK, now I get it. I kind of go. We had a long conversation. He’s a very nice guy. We had a long conversation for like 15, 20 minutes on the phone, which is a long conversation these days on the phone. Who the f*** talks on the phone anymore? He does. I think he’s getting a hundred volts, bro. He’s got design going through his head and new song lyrics and new fashion and all this s***. And I think he’s just catching whatever he can and holding onto it and wading through the waves.”

Then Schultz said, “To fill the gap. Joe, to fill.”

Rogan responded, “There’s a little bit of that. But with him, it’s almost like affirming that he’s OK. Because he’s so much different than everybody else. Like Elon Musk, like a lot of other people.”

President Trump has expressed interest in participating in a Presidential Debate moderated by Joe Rogan but the Biden campaign has yet to respond about this potential event.

Retired UFC fighter Tim Kennedy asked Rogan, “Would you do a debate?”

Rogan responds, “Would I?”

Kennedy continued, “You be the control mechanism to the candidates like a Biden Trump debate with Joe Rogan hosting. Your questions.”

Rogan continued, “We should have that. This is 2020. We have the ability to have that. We’re not talking about 1979. We’re talking about 2020. If they wanted to do that, they both wanted to come here in Austin, sit down, and have a debate, I would 100 percent do it.”

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