The Trump Administration Just Secured The Release Of Two More American Hostages – This Time From Yemen


One aspect of Trump’s presidency that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves, is his record for bringing home American hostages held abroad.

It’s something we have become used to under Trump but it is far from typical.

In this latest case, two hostages being held in Yemen just came home to the United States.

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FOX News reports:

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Trump administration secures release of two American hostages from Yemen

President Donald Trump has secured the release of two American hostages held captive by Houthis in Yemen, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday.

“We join all Americans in welcoming their newly regained freedom,” he tweeted.

The two Americans, Sandra Loli and Mikael Gidada, and the remains of a third, Bilal Fateen, were released in exchange for the return of about 250 of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels from Oman, according to the White House.

Oman’s state news said the American captives were flown out of Yemen on an Omani plane. It said 250 “Yemeni brothers” who received treatment in Oman have been returned to Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, on two flights as part of the exchange.

Kieran Ramsey, director of the administration’s hostage recovery cell, said Loli and Gidada would soon be on their way back to the United States.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted this about it:

Does anyone believe this would happen under a Joe Biden administration?

Trump’s record on this issue deserves praise.

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