Twitter Locks Out Jack Posobiec Over Hunter Biden Tweet


After locking the accounts of the New York Post and Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday over the Post’s report published Wednesday morning on Hunter Biden’s emails allegedly found on an abandoned laptop computer, Twitter locked out OANN reporter Jack Posobiec for posting a meme based on the article.

Twitter is blocking the Post article from being posted while Facebook announced it would restrict the distribution of the Post article.

News of Posobiec’s suspension was posted by Ian Miles Cheong:

TRENDING: BREAKING: Joe Biden Calls a Lid and Hides in His Basement After Explosive Revelations From Hunter Biden’s Recovered Hard Drive

Posobiec issued a statement to TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks:

“Silicon Valley has declared themselves the oligarchs of speech in this election. They must be declared as public utilities and broken up in the name of national security.”

Posobiec met TGP founder Jim Hoft at President Trump’s rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania Tuesday night.

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