Thousands of Supporters Line up For President Trump’s Ocala, Florida Rally (VIDEO)


President Trump is working hard as we enter the home stretch of the 2020 election season.

President Trump on Friday is stumping in Ft. Myers, Florida then he’s heading over to Ocala at the Ocala International Airport for a MAGA rally at 4 PM EDT.

Trump is wrapping up his Friday campaigning in Macon, Georgia.

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The President has been campaigning and holding rallies all week as he works hard to earn votes.

Meanwhile Biden’s campaign is embroiled in scandal after Rudy Giuliani dropped a devastating October surprise on Biden by releasing smoking gun Hunter Biden emails.

One supporter camped out and spent all night in her tent in front of Ocala International Airport!

A giant Trump 2020 flag was carried up and down the long line outside of Friday’s Ocala rally.

RSBN is live streaming from Ocala, Florida:

[embedded content]

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