Only a Handful of Supporters Show Up to China Joe’s North Carolina Drive-In Rally (VIDEO)


Joe Biden is severely limiting his public events because his campaign is drowning in scandal after the New York Post released damning Hunter Biden emails.

China Joe is stumping in North Carolina on Sunday before he goes into hibernation all week.

The Biden campaign pool reporter today is a far left hack and writer for The Atlantic, Isaac Dovere, AKA an honorary Biden campaign staffer posing as a reporter.

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This way Biden won’t be asked about his China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania pay-to-play scheme he was involved in with his crackhead son Hunter.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Email Sent to Computer Shop Owner John Paul Mac Isaac from Hunter Biden’s Attorney Is Released!

Only a handful of supporters showed up to China Joe’s Durham, North Carolina drive-in rally.

This is pathetic.

Biden was drown out by honking and hecklers as he rage yelled and lied through his teeth.

Joe Biden repeated the same old tired speech on Sunday.


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