Andrew Breitbart on the “X-Rated,” Unreleased Weiner Photo: “It’s Beyond the Beyond”

After being accused by some members of the media as the hacker responsible for the release of lewd photos of Rep. Anthony Weiner, Andrew Breitbart set the record straight to the public at large – unbeknownst to him – before a press conference called by the congressman on Monday. In it, Weiner admitted to sending the photos himself and to engaging in a handful of inappropriate relationships before and since his marriage.

Media mogul and author Andrew Breitbart sat down with Hannity Monday night to discuss why it was so important that he vindicate himself from the false claims and circulating rumors. Breitbart tells Hannity that while he doubts Weiner will believe him, “I really felt like crap for this man … but if I had not released these pictures today, he would’ve continued down a campaign of smearing me.” He also discussed why he refuses to release one particular explicit photo which he calls “beyond the beyond.”

Hear Andrew’s story.

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