NPR Defends Child Abuser: Refuses to Report on Biden Crime Family Scandals and Sexual Abuse of Children


Taxpayer-funded NPR announced on Thursday on Twitter that they will not be covering the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

They call it “fake news.”

TRENDING: UPDATE: Former Hunter Biden Associate in Fear for His Life – Bevan Cooney Moved to More Dangerous Facility After Leaking Emails to Conservative Journalists

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal includes numerous questionable financial violations by the Biden Crime Family.

And the Hunter Biden computer contains several photos of Hunter with a minor and female family member in explicit photos.

NPR does not want you to see this.
NPR is defending a child abuser.
NPR is NOT a news organization.

BREAKING: New Taped Interview for OANN Reveals Hunter Biden’s Laptop included 40-50 Images of Alleged Child Endangerment with Young Family Member

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