Post-debate media roundup: Poor boys, Abraham Lincoln and Hunter Biden

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The final debate before the 2020 presidential election saw the two candidates punching hard at each other, but neither struck a knockout blow. Most commentators thought NBC News moderator Kristen Welker did a much better job and the muting of microphones seemed to aid in keeping the discussion civil and more intelligible.

Here are some of the more interesting reactions to the debate from social media.

Many people were glad that Hunter Biden was made an issue:

While many thought it wasn’t enough on the topic:

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Biden sarcastically referred to the president as Abraham Lincoln and he didn’t quite get it:

Thanks to this exchange, Abraham Lincoln was trending on Twitter briefly. But unfortunately for Biden, Twitter noticed he mistook the “poor boys” for what he meant, which was “Proud Boys,” a far-right organization:

Even some of his critics admitted the president did better than in the first debate.

And they had to admit that Biden issued an enormous lie during the debate:

According to Paula Reid of CBS, the president stuck to their plan with at least two points:

ABC News’ Jon Karl said Trump didn’t do any damage, but didn’t do enough to change the race either.

CNN host Jake Tapper complimented Trump, then called him a liar:

And MSNBC was cheerleading for Biden:

And they were making excuses for Biden’s past policies on imprisoning black males:

Van Jones was not impressed with the appeal to African Americans by Trump during the debate:

Even Biden complimented the moderator after the debate:

Norah O’Donnell of CBS said it was more substantive, and that the muting of the microphones worked:

Here are the numbers for the debate:

And as always, there were jokes:

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