BREAKING: President Trump to Pardon Gen. Michael Flynn, Per Report


President Donald Trump is telling confidants that he is getting ready to pardon Gen. Michael Flynn, according to a new report.

Supporters of the president have long urged him to pardon his former national security adviser, who was railroaded as part of their ridiculous Russiagate conspiracy theory.

Gen. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in December 2017. He tried to withdraw his guilty plea, alleging prosecutorial misconduct, in January 2020.

According to Axios, two sources confirmed that Gen. Flynn will be one in a series of pardons between now and January.

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He originally agreed to the plea in part because the Mueller gang was threatening his son.  The Mueller gang agreed not prosecute Flynn’s son on bogus charges if the General agreed to lying to the FBI.  It was all a set up.

The wholly corrupt judge in the case, Judge Emmet Sullivan, has delayed Flynn’s right to a speedy trial and continues to abuse the General who the DOJ admitted was wrongfully prosecuted.

After millions in legal fees, and untold negative stories in the MSM, General Flynn obtained new lawyers and the government finally released Brady documents showing he committed no crimes. The documents showed he was set up and the courts were lied to.

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