WATCH: Former Acting ICE Director Says Mexican Cartels Are Celebrating Prospect of Biden Presidency


Former acting ICE director Tom Homan said on Wednesday that Mexican cartels are celebrating the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency, because they know it will be easier to cross the border.

Homan issued the warning about Biden’s immigration plans during an appearance on Fox News. He explained that there is already a surge of border crossings because they think Biden will be president.

“The cartels are celebrating what is happening in this country right now because they are back in business. The border numbers are already going up because they think Joe Biden is going to be the president and they are open for business and the flow has already started,” Homan said. “It’s a Biden effect. It’s already happening.”

Homan served as the acting ICE director under President Trump.

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“President Trump, whether you like him or love him, he has been more successful on this border than any president I worked for, starting with Ronald Reagan,” Homan said

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