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Greetings, readers and subscribers. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! In order to allow our staff to spend this day with their families, we are going to be giving all of our writers the day off today. However, we will be featuring a series of posts from all of them about the things they are thankful for this year.

Cultivating a sense of thanksgiving can be difficult in trying times such as these, but in spite of the many challenges this year has brought, I find that I have much to be thankful for. I have three healthy children, the support of a great family, and a job — which is more than can be said for too many Americans.

This year, I am extra thankful for you, our readers. You have brought this site to heights it has not known for five years. You have constantly tuned in and read the work that we produce, much to the consternation of Big Tech, who has fought us every step of the way. Many of you regularly send me emails since my email address is on the site, and these are always an amazing combination of funny, heartwarming, and informative. Several of them have led to some great stories.

None of us would be here without you. And we are thankful you keep coming back. All the work we do is with you in mind.

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Best wishes on this and every Thanksgiving to all of you.

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