BLM-Antifa Thugs Violently Attack Female Journalist in NYC – Police Stand by and Do Nothing (VIDEO)


Antifa domestic terrorists marched through the streets of New York City on Sunday claiming to own the public space, chanting, “Our motherf*ckin streets!”

“F*ck the Proud Boys!” Antifa members shouted in anticipation of a rumored MAGA march at Columbus Circle.

Antifa goons surrounded a female journalist on 25th and Broadway, hit her with umbrellas and knocked her camera out of her hand.

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The left-wing terrorists threw eggs on the woman’s head as she screamed for help.

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“I’ve been spat on, I’ve been punched, I’ve been threatened,” the woman said.


The woman ran to NYPD for help after she was violently attacked and they told her to stay 6 feet away from them and let her be attacked.


Antifa-BLM terrorists called the woman a Nazi and threatened her, “I’m gonna knock you out!”


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