Arizona Republicans Censure Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake and Governor Ducey


The Arizona Republican Party censured Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake and Governor Doug Ducey this weekend.

This is following the catastrophe of the 2020 election where Democrats were able to steal the state for Joe Biden.
State officials are still investigating the ballots in Maricopa County following the election.

And Trump supporter GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward was reelected as party chairman in Arizona.

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Trump supporter Kelli Ward was also reelected as party chairman last night.

FOX News reported:

Arizona Republicans voted Saturday to censure Cindy McCain and two prominent GOP members who have found themselves crosswise with former President Donald Trump.

The censures of Sen. John McCain’s widow, former Sen. Jeff Flake and Gov. Doug Ducey are merely symbolic. But they show the party’s foot soldiers are focused on enforcing loyalty to Trump, even in the wake of an election that saw Arizona inch away from its staunchly Republican roots.

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