Are Corporations Good Now?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at a news conference in Seattle, Wash., June 18, 2014 (Jason Redmond/Reuters)

Progressives are curiously full of praise for Big Business now that it’s singing their tune.


aving spent much of the last year acting as a cheering section for whatever political causes were de rigueur among the woke, Amazon, Inc. has now decided to move on to more concrete action. Last night, the megacorporation’s founder, Jeff Bezos, announced that it will support the Biden administration’s multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan — including its corporate-tax increases. Referring to his decision, Bezos elected to use that most friendly of pronouns: “we.”

You’ll forgive me for asking: Is this latest intervention from Amazon’s head honcho a sign of intolerable corruption, or it is merely another indication of how admirably in touch with …

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