‘That Time Stacey Abrams Suppressed the Vote’

Former Georgia House of Representatives Minority Leader Stacey Abrams speaks in Atlanta, Ga., November 2, 2020. (Brandon Bell/Reuters)

I’ve written a piece for the home page about an episode I come across, to my surprise, in the latest Stacey Abrams book:

By the time the reader of the Stacey Abrams book Our Time Is Now gets to page 89, he is numb with the relentless contentions that any effort to make the Georgia elections system more secure or economical, any bureaucratic mistake or inefficiency, is evidence of a dastardly scheme to suppress the vote.

Then, he is jolted alert again when Abrams writes how while in the state legislature in 2011, she co-sponsored legislation to slash the early-voting period in Georgia in half — and succeeded.

Yes, by her own logic, Stacey Abrams suppressed the vote in Georgia and did it more blatantly than anything in the state’s new voting law, which will actually extend early-voting hours in many places.

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