‘ISIS Obsessed’ Woman Converts to Islam, Plots Bombings in New York City Because of ‘Islamophobia’


Noelle Velentzas

An “ISIS obsessed” woman from Queens was sentenced to more than 16 years in prison for plotting to set off bombs in New York City and kill cops.

Noelle Velentzas pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a bomb-making charge from two years ago and went on a crazy rant to the judge.

Velentzas said she wanted to kill Americans because of “Islamophobia” and “the sentiment that my religion needs to be defended.”

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Brooklyn federal Judge Sterling Johnson said during the sentencing hearing that Velentzas was the moving force behind the conspiracy to bomb buildings.

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The New York Post reported:

An ISIS-obsessed woman from Queens who considered Osama bin Laden a personal hero was sentenced to more than 16 years in federal prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to a bomb-making charge nearly two years ago.

Velentzas was busted in 2015 for conspiring with her roommate, Asia Siddiqui, and a third woman they knew as “Mel” — who was actually an undercover law enforcement agent.

The pair taught each other bomb-making skills and discussed potential targets to attack, including the funeral for NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos, who was assassinated with his partner in Brooklyn soon before Christmas in 2014.

Velentzas drew inspiration from other terrorists and included bin Laden as one of her personal heroes, a prosecutor said at the sentencing Wednesday.

The would-be bomber even set the background of her phone to a picture of the 9/11 mastermind, which she at one point showed to the informant.

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