VIDEO: Armed Asian store employees turn the tables on attacker in Dallas

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Video footage shows Asian store employees being attacked by a belligerent woman in Dallas, Texas. However, the store clerks turned the tables on the assailant, and by the end of the video she is begging the store employees stop retaliating against her.

A woman barged her way into an employee-only area of a convenience store in Dallas. She pushed open a door separating the customer area from the area behind the counter. The woman proceeded to shove one of the Asian store employees into the shelf, then pointed at an older Asian man. She screamed, “Don’t disrespect me!” She then marched toward the man, who attempted to keep his distance from her by stiff-arming her, but she steamrolled the man and pushed him into the wall while yelling, “F*** is wrong with you!”

The first man then brandished a handgun, to which a witness yelled, “Don’t shoot her! Nah. Don’t shoot her! Don’t shoot her!” Then both men attempted to subdue the intruder. The gun-wielding man screamed, “Stop! Get out!”

The older man unleashed a fury of fast punches. The woman then pleaded for mercy, “Chill out, chill out, alright chill out, alright chill out!”

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The two witnesses in the store are heard saying, “Aw man, they got a pistol fam, they got a pistol, he got a pistol, that’s the only reason I ain’t gone back there yet.”

According to National File, the man who is recording the video threatened the Asian store employees, “I know, I’m gonna get him when he come out, he got that gun right there fam. Look, look, look.”

As the two store clerks beat up the assailant, the cameraman yelled, “That’s enough! That’s enough! That’s enough! Hey! Hey!”

A third store employee, who is elderly, came out of the back of the building armed with a flashlight.

The viral video, which has more than 1.1 million views on Twitter, ended with the woman being subdued. There is no indication if there were any arrests in the altercation.

(Content Warning: Graphic video):

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